A New Name!

We have a new name! Our buying club is now SunPower Food Cooperative! You will notice the updated name on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Yahoo accounts.
What does it mean?
SunPower, we all know the power of the sun to grow nice healthy vegetables and children.  The power of the sun warms us, nourishes us through wholesome foods and gives us energy, much like our buying cooperative does as well! (And yes, you do get warm when working the divide… 😉 ) There is also an Eco-friendly connotation within the name. Both of these aspects are important to our club as  a whole.

The change from “club” to “cooperative” reflects our general spirit of working together for the common good, combining our buying power to bring healthy foods to our member families.

Member Rachel U. is working on a logo concept for us! It is wonderful to have such a wonderful group of talented individuals!

I hope that your transition to our new name goes smoothly! Please remember to visit our new blog and register to receive posts via e-mail. Thanks to all of the members who came together to work out the new name! Teamwork is essential to a successful cooperative, and we have some great team members!!

SunPower Food Cooperative

Whole foods for less!

Serving Independence Kansas
and Surrounding areas.

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  1. Love the new name, and love the new energy!

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